Mr Simon Jennings
FRCS (Tr & Orth)
020 7486 9323
Knee and Hip Surgery

Simon Jennings is a leading expert in Robotic assisted joint replacement of the knee using the NAVIO system.

NAVIO represents a leap forward in the evolution of total and partial knee replacement.

Each knee replacement is carried out to an unprecedented degree of accuracy tailored to each patient’s anatomy. There is no need for extra CT or MRI scans.

The system allows the surgeon to create a virtual model of the leg in real time during the operation. The knee replacement is customised to fit the leg anatomy precisely.

Surgery is a less invasive experience for patients, reducing swelling and stiffness. Traditional techniques would often cause substantial bleeding, leading to swelling after the operation.

Mr Jennings trains top knee surgeons throughout the United Kingdom and has recently set up a visiting surgeon program for specialists to come for training from overseas.

Mr Simon Jennings is an experienced consultant orthopaedic and trauma surgeon with a special interest in all knee and hip conditions, from sports injuries to the treatment of arthritis.

He has worked extensively with Harlequins Rugby Union and London Broncos Rugby League teams for over fifteen years, and has provided medical support to the Great Britain Judo Team.

He will provide you with a highly personal service, which will allow a streamlined fast and efficient diagnosis of your condition, with rapid access to an expert diagnostic team. He will endeavour to explain your condition and the treatment options available to return you to full fitness, where possible, in a realistic and achievable timescale. He is well versed in all the latest techniques and has access to a multidisciplinary team of specialists to facilitate your recovery.

His aim is to provide a rapid treatment schedule tailored to meet your needs.

Mr Simon Jennings

"Superb. I cannot fault the advice, treatment and results."

"Excellent all round. If I should experience any further problems I will consult Mr Jennings in the future. Many thanks for the care provided."

"Mr Jennings really took the time to explain clearly my injury, the surgical and non-surgical options available. His post-op consultations were thorough and re-assuring. EF"

"I felt really confident that Mr Jennings was recommending treatment that would improve the problems I was experiencing. His aftercare and patience at explaining things is excellent. SC"

"All the staff at Harley Street and the Princess Grace Hospital were open, honest and friendly, making the experience a relaxing one leading to good recovery."

"The whole process from the first consultation to the post-op consultation was incredibly efficient and quick. I'm very happy with the outcome. AR"

"Couldn't be easier or better. All stress free and straight forward. Simon Jennings was calm, assured and honest about my symptoms and potential recovery. Very much appreciated. DB"

"My teenage son was made to feel at ease and treated with honest assessments and treated like an adult – it made a difficult time much easier to bear. Thank You. LO"

"The whole experience was interesting, pleasant and very efficient. Thank you."

"First rate service. Flexible scheduling to fit with my needs."

"Very good staff, surgeon and venue. Overall an excellent service."

"Very impressed with the speed of appointment and helpfulness of the admin staff. Thank you to all concerned. JdeK"