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Revision Total Knee Replacement

Revision Total Knee Replacement

Unfortunately not all joint replacements last forever. Very few joint replacements run into early problems. Most joint replacements wear out or fail at a later date, requiring a revision.

Revision surgery is more complicated than a primary joint replacement and the nature of surgery required is different in each case.

Prior to surgery further imaging with X-ray and CT scans may be required for planning the surgery. The duration of surgery, the length of the hospital stay and the post-operative recovery are often prolonged.

Depending on the nature of the procedure you may have to protect the new knee from loading, by restricted weight bearing, for a period of 4-6 weeks and sometimes three months, with the help of crutches or a walking frame.

As each case will be highly individual and you will discuss the specific details of your surgery in the preoperative consultations.

In general the profile of risks and complications for this surgery are similar to those for primary surgery but the incidence is slightly higher.